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Intensive Relationship Workshop for Recovery

Join Robin Winks, LMFT,  for a weekend of learning how to:

*Identify how your own specific relating patterns developed in childhoo.

*Identify the two codependent roles that alcoholics and addicts often unconsciously act out in relationships that eventually destroy the relationship.

*Use mindfulness, self-compassion and communication techniques to unravel the destructive codependent bonding patterns and early shame, for greater intimacy, personal fulfillment and ongoing sobriety.

You can sign up here: https://robynwinks.com/relationship-workshop-april-21-22-2018/


Is this you?

*Complete paralysis when it comes to eating because you've spent so long over analyzing what you eat (from doing diet after diet after diet).

*Constantly feeling guilt/shame when you eat pleasurable foods (or "cheat" foods)

*You find yourself screaming to the sky "I wish I could just eat WHATEVER I WANT!!"

*You've rejected diets for good (or you desperately want to), but you don't know what else to do in order to be healthy.

Then this workshop is for YOU!

Join Jen Yockey (Master Life Coach & RYT) and Riley Abang (Life Coach) for this powerful workshop.

Stay tuned for details!


 Julee Herrmann Founder of Reclaiming Studios

Julee Herrmann Founder of Reclaiming Studios

Reclaim HER: Surrender and Let Her Play Workshop

June 9-10, 2018 | 10am-4pm

“Intuition is not a single way of knowing - it's our ability to hold space for uncertainty and our willingness to trust the many ways we've developed knowledge and insight, including instinct, experience, faith and reason.” - Brené Brown

In this one of a kind workshop we will be guided by intuition to discover our way on a 2- day journey. As the expedition leader, Julee Herrmann of Reclaiming Studios, will also be letting her muse guide her as the adventure unfolds. She'll be packing years of healing work, the experience of studio work with thousands of students and a healthy dose of playful humor. 

Jen Yockey, Owner of Gather, will be working in tandem with Julee; guiding you through two sacred yoga practices that allow you to connect with your breath and body and that inner soul voice.  Our lives are busy.  We tend to just move from one task to another without taking time to pause, connect and reflect.  It is in the stillness, the space between stimulus and response, that we can gain information and transformation.

What you can expect…

When you arrive, we’ll gather in a sacred circle to start to get to know the really cool people who have come together. 

Once settled, we’ll drop into meditation and then share a few words to fully arrive. 

There will be some journal prompts and a bit of discussion around each of the points that we dive into. 

Once we’re connected into this deeper place we will move into painting our hearts out… listening to the messages that She is aching to share with you. 

We’ll have lunch catered by Salads in a Jar and then move thru a sacred yin yoga practice and then close the day with even more juicy painting.

Why THIS workshop?

Somewhere in the middle we get lost to work, family, responsibility. Worn out, we leave self- care behind because “there isn’t time”. We allow everyone and everything to take their place first.

We start to take the scraps from the Universe. We say “No, no, it’s ok”. We stop taking up space, stop standing up for ourselves, we lose our voices and even stop breathing…

But sister, this workshop is about setting aside some time for YOU. This workshop gives you some sacred space to breathe and allow yourself time to lean into finding your way back to yourself.

It’s about making a mess, letting go & getting loose. It’s about re-discovering and listening to that little voice deep down within. It’s about transformation and focusing on the process not the finished product. You’ll be surrounded by a sisterhood. In a safe place to be wild and free, you’ll be intuitively painting your way back to Untamed Joy.

June 9&10
10:00am- 4:00pm

Space is limited to 10.

Link to sign up HERE.



Words To Live By (for Kids)

May 19th, 9-11am


We will focus on building up ourselves and others through mindful words and actions.

Yoga songs, breath work, Asana workshop, guided meditation, and a sacred art project are all incorporated into our two hour workshop.

This workshop will fill up fast and we only have ten spots so please reserve your little yogi’s space early so they don’t miss out on the fun!

*Please note we will not be having Funky Monkeys or Peaceful Panda Family Yoga on May 19 to accommodate the Workshop*

Cost is $40 per child

Link to sign up HERE.