Peaceful Parenting Workshop

Peaceful Parenting Workshop


Using Positive Discipline Strategies to Create a Calm and Joyful Home

This four-week parent workshop is for parents who want to create more loving, more fulfilling, and more connected family relationships. Positive discipline provides parents with non-punitive, respectful methods of parenting that will incorporate kindness and firmness into parenting.

This class will explore:

--Strategies that encourage children to think for themselves, become more responsible and have greater respect for themselves and others.

--Common sense solutions to replace nagging, bribing, punishing, and yelling.

--Appropriate expectations for children

--The art of changing the way you interact with your child in order to encourage your child to do better

--The practice of focusing on solutions instead of punishments

--The use of positive communication skills to effectively handle parenting challenges

--How to help your child develop cooperation, responsibility, and problem-solving skills while creating a more peaceful family environment

Positive Discipline focuses on non-punitive, respectful methods of parenting

Cost is $80 for the 4 weeks for 2 family members

Debbie Midcalf, MAEd, is a Certified Parent Coach and Positive Discipline Classroom Educator. She has worked in the field of early childhood education for thirty years and is currently employed as an adjunct instructor at College of the Desert and Brandman University. She coaches parents and educators on the principles of Positive Discipline strategies so that they can find joy and calm in the midst of chaos. Debbie believes that every child should be afforded the opportunity to a joyful childhood in which they feel secure, loved, and valued.

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