The Recover You™ Program

Online | Private | At Your Own Pace

This WHOLE-listic program was created to provide people with information and solution about and for recovery.  It takes in to account the WHOLE person not just the substance.  This program isn’t about NOT Drinking or Drugging.  It’s about thriving in a life that you love, finding peace within the chaos, understanding (at your core) who you are, what makes you happy and free and how to navigate life without using mind altering substance to cope.

This program is for you if:  You are looking for accountability and community, You are ready to shed the shameful addiction labels, You are looking for like minded people to grow, thrive and learn with, You are ready to find more purpose in your life, You are interested in finding out about who you are are why you do the things you do,  You are ready STEP OFF the emotional roller coaster,  You want to create more peace and ease within the chaos that life sometimes presents. You want to learn how to forgive yourself and others, You are interested in living your life rather than just existing in it.  

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Private Mentoring

Online or In Person

Sometimes we need help.  Sometimes we need an extra hand, an extra ear, a second set of eyes.  You do not have to be an alcoholic to have a reason to explore your relationship to alcohol.  We can get in to bad patterns, use unhealthy ways to cope with what is happening around us.  Labels create shame, disconnect and additional toxic behaviors.  Let's get to the root cause of what is really happening and develop a tool box full of healthy coping mechanisms.  Life will continue to be in session...and you can and will be prepared.

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