Our Teachers

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.”

― Alexandra K. Trenfor


Jen Yockey

Hi!  I am so glad that you stopped by.  Please have a look around. Take your time and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  You can do that here.

A little about me:

Most of my adult life I have been a teacher.  Out of college, I wrote curriculum and grants for inner city schools in Seattle and Bellevue. After I found my post college sea legs, I taught golf for nearly 20 years.  In 2011, I started a new teaching gig; raising my son. However, I think he is teaching me more than I am teaching him.

I am a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Founder of Recover You™ and The Path™.  I am a  Writer, Master Life Coach & Habit and Pattern Strategist, Entrepreneur, Professional Student and Chronic Dog Rescuer. My most important job, however, is partnering with my husband to be an example and a light for our son.


Cassidy Calabria Barbeau

Cassidy Barbeau is a mom to 3 magical lightbringers, happy wife, vegetarian chef, author of a best selling raw vegan recipe book, INFJ, and lover of life. With her background in early child education, Cassidy has been working with children for over 20 years. She was born in Santa Monica, lived and raised her children full time in Costa Rica for 11 years, and is now back in the Coachella Valley to share her wisdom and spread her 'Pura Vida' vibes with us!  Co-owner and creator of Desert Dragonfly Yoga, Cassidy is a certified children’s yoga teacher and is a 200 hour RYT with Yoga Alliance.   She can’t wait to sparkle some of her yogini magic on you!


Christina Joy

Mom of 1 lovable little girl, lover of laughter and a good smile, loved by an amazing man, entrepreneur since she was 18, INFJ, maker of all things, and student of life. She has been on a spiritual journey her whole life and practicing yoga for over 10 years. Her mom is an avid traveler and instilled in her a love of travel...so naturally she is currently a flight attendant! She was born in San Diego, lived in Seattle, Denver, Toronto and moved to La Quinta in 2012. 


Riley Abang

Riley was born and raised in Edmonton, Canada and then made her way South to California after meeting her husband in Idaho. She’s a mama to two little ones. Riley teaches dance at Gather. Dance, especially modern dance, was her main form of self-expression throughout her childhood and she continued to study dance in college as well. Dance was the genesis for her to learn about the mind/body connection and she values creating an inclusive space for attendees to discover & nourish that connection. You can expect a soft, down-to-earth energy when you attend her Modern Dance class, here at Gather. She encourages you to allow your body to guide and surprise you.  Riley also owns a coaching business, Wild Air Coaching, where she specializes in guiding her clients to end their battles with food and their body, by exploring their inner world. Riley loves chocolate ice cream, being near the ocean, and hanging out on hammocks.


Lisa Huddy

Lisa Huddy is a wife to an amazing, supportive, loving and very handsome husband, Kyle and a mother to two beautiful girls, McKailey (18) and Harlow (11mos) and a little boy on the way! They also have three dogs and a cat to complete their family. Lisa relocated to Palm Desert with her husband and her newborn baby girl in October of 2017. This has been a big change for her, as she has never left her hometown, friends and family before. Lisa is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and Life & Health Coach, she loves teaching and training, but her heart is in Life Coaching. She enjoys coffee, wine, tequila and peanut butter. Her faith, however,  is her her greatest weapon. She and her husband are movie buffs, especially superhero movies. She enjoys traveling, reading a good book and loves to write, but only in a brilliant moment or time of healing and growing. She is a social butterfly, but needs her alone time. She is NOT addicted to social media, but seeks to be connected and is a very loyal. She is passionate in finding the best version of everyone she meets and is a firm believer in women. WHO THEY ARE, WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF AND HOW THEY LOVE. Ohhh and she loves to dance-all types of dancing. Did she mention she is also a Zumba instructor?


Sharon Collins

Always interested in a healthy mind and body, Sharon has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and is new to teaching. After noticing the aging process beginning to nudge its way, she decided to explore yoga on another level to help delay the effects of the aging body and to practice stillness of the mind. She knew that going through a 200 Hour YTT program would change her in some way, shape or form. Along the way she discovered the joy of teaching others’ how to achieve the feeling of deep relaxation through the alignment of breath, movement and delightful music.

Sharon has a gentle, calming voice and is sure you will leave more relaxed and centered than when you arrived!