Our Teachers

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.”

― Alexandra K. Trenfor


Jen Yockey

Hi!  I am so glad that you stopped by.  Please have a look around. Take your time and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  You can do that here.

A little about me:

Most of my adult life I have been a teacher.  Out of college, I wrote curriculum and grants for inner city schools in Seattle and Bellevue. After I found my post college sea legs, I taught golf for nearly 20 years.  In 2011, I started a new teaching gig; raising my son. However, I think he is teaching me more than I am teaching him.

I am a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Founder of Recover You™ and The Path™.  I am a  Writer, Master Life Coach & Habit and Pattern Strategist, Entrepreneur, Professional Student and Chronic Dog Rescuer. My most important job, however, is partnering with my husband to be an example and a light for our son.


Cassidy Barbeau

Cassidy Barbeau is a mother to three magical light-bringers and devoted to her one-of-a-kind husband, Paul.

The Barbeau family recently returned to California by way of an 11 year journey in Costa Rica. After deepening her knowledge of yoga and self-awareness in the rainforest, Cassidy has planted roots full time in La Quinta.

In addition to teaching children’s yoga workshops and co-leading inspiring kundalini full moon circles, she teaches a weekly Kriya Flow class, which fuses her love of powerful kundalini yoga with engaging vinyasa flows. Although awakening the body matters to Cassidy, she is far more concerned with awakening and healing the spirit, creating awareness of Self, and removing blockages in the psyche. Her unique classes leave you feeling energized, peaceful, and interested in continuing on a yogic path.

In a nutshell: Leo sun with Cancer-rising sign and Sagittarius moon, INFJ, vegetarian, animal-lover, homeopathic healer, hippie heart, natural Mommy, lover of music, fan of vintage VWs, follower of the Grateful Dead, collector of epic books, spends time writing & deepening her practice through studying yogic texts, is a culinary goddess, ignited by passion, an herbal alchemist, and lover of the sun, the moon, and the truth.

Cassidy is available for private, group lessons in your vacation home or at the studio.

She is a KAY certified Children’s Yoga Teacher as well as having her 200 hour Hatha Yoga certification.

Words to live by: Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light. -Yogi Bhajan


Paul Barbeau

Paul Barbeau recently planted roots in La Quinta after spending 11 years in the rainforest of Costa Rica with his ever-magical wife of 19 years, Cassidy. There they raised their two spirited daughters and compassionate son.

Professionally, Paul works as a Butler in luxury vacation homes. Dedicated to serving others, he has found his true calling. Through meditation and commitment to yoga practice, Paul has gained the clarity of mind to anticipate the needs of others and impact people on a spiritual plane. His daily practice of meditation has awakened within him the need to share his knowledge and healing vibration with others. Paul is an avid practitioner of kundalini yoga and meditation, as well as having delved deeply into Buddhist Tonglen meditation. Helping others awaken to their true selves through stilling the mind is the goal of his Sacred Sundays classes.

Join him on the mat!


Sharon Collins

Always interested in a healthy mind and body, Sharon has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and is new to teaching. After noticing the aging process beginning to nudge its way, she decided to explore yoga on another level to help delay the effects of the aging body and to practice stillness of the mind. She knew that going through a 200 Hour YTT program would change her in some way, shape or form. Along the way she discovered the joy of teaching others’ how to achieve the feeling of deep relaxation through the alignment of breath, movement and delightful music.

Sharon has a gentle, calming voice and is sure you will leave more relaxed and centered than when you arrived!


Bari Berkowitz


Bari is a Clinical Psychotherapist, Certified Restorative Yoga Instructor, and Guided Meditation Teacher. She specializes in stress reduction, resiliency and post- traumatic growth. In addition to private sessions and group classes, I lead Women’s Retreats and Personal Growth workshops in Southern California. Bari is a mother of three adult children, grandmother to a beautiful little boy, and resides in La Quinta with herhusband and two Dachshunds.
From Bari: “Using a mind- body “toolbox” approach and focusing on your personal strengths, I assist and support you in building healthy coping strategies and new personal resources after a challenging life transition, personal setback or new chapter. Together, we “bounce back” stronger, wiser, more flexible (internally and externally) and authentic.”

Bari’s signature class, “Desert Zen”, combines healing restorative yoga poses with relaxing guided meditation and aromatherapy. This class meets on Tuesdays at 6pm.