Kid’s Workshop

with Desert Dragonfly Yoga!


UNDeR the Sea with the YOGA OCTOPUS
January 15-February 19th

Desert Dragonfly Yoga has gone above and beyond creating this 6 week series to deepen the practice of all our budding Little Yogis.

We will be going UNDeR the Sea with the YOGA OCTOPUS who will teach our Little Yogis about all that lies beneath the water’s surface when practicing yoga.
For instance, the value of being kind to others as well as themselves, the importance of breathing exercises, developing mindfulness of all their senses, and taking meditation skills to the next level.

Each week we will focus on a specific layer of yoga. This course also involves a fusion of mindful and relatable art projects which the children always enjoy!

This radical UNDeR THe Sea WiTH the YoGa OCToPuS series does involve Om-work, asking the Yogis to practice certain poses or meditations each day.

$108 includes all curriculum, art projects, and additional supplies. Please reserve your spot and time slot so your yogi gets to have this incredible experience! Ages 4-10.

The course is every Tuesday for 6 weeks. Only 10 spaces per class so we sure hope to have it filled!

**Due to the nature of the course and how we build upon each weeks lesson, we won’t be accepting students after the first class. Cassidy and Christina can’t wait to share this magic course with you!